Diamond Gear Box

Diamond Gear Box

Diamond Gear Boxes are designed for linear valve applications like slide gate, gate, and globe valves. The operators are designed to produce a rated output of either thrust or torque by mainly transmitting the input force via the input shaft by the handwheel or by any other device to input force.

Diamond Gear bevel gears are designed for both motorized and manual operations with varying gear teeth. The company designs, manufacturers, and sells a few gearboxes, each of which is considered some of the best in the industry.

Understanding Bevel Gears

Bevel gears are a power transmission component used mainly to change the direction of the shaft’s rotation and decrease its speed. It also works to decrease or increase torque (whichever might be the case) between non-parallel rotating shafts. These are also used on shafts that have intersecting axes, and in some cases, they are used on shafts that don’t have intersecting axes.

Most times, the shafts may not be perpendicular, and they don’t need to be. Some may be intersecting shafts. Bevel gears are classified primarily by their tooth shape, which is either curved or straight. In other words there are spiral bevel gears, straight bevel gears, spur gears, and hypoid gears amongst others.

Types of Diamond Bevel Gears


Diamond Gears produces three types of bevel gears. These are designed for various applications across a variety of valves. Below is a brief description of each type. However, business owners are advised to refer to each bevel gear’s documentation for technical details.

Motorized Bevel Gear


The BG-Series


The BG Series is part of Diamond Gear’s rugged gear series, with the ability to bear over 438 thousand pounds of thrust. The gears are designed to operate across a multitude of applications and arranges like globe valves, gate valves, and slide gate valves. The gears boast of a heavy-duty ISO motor flange and a waterproof design that is standard across all designs or models of the series.

Manual Bevel Gears




The Gear B Series bevel gears are designed to be economical and versatile. They are manually operated and allow for valve modifications using a torque-only gear converter.

The B Series offers an excellent way to add gears to a handwheel-operated valve. The B Series can be used with gate, globe, and gate valves.

The BG-Series


The BG Series is another versatile and comparatively economic series mean for manually operated bevel gears. The series can be used with a variety of common valves like globe valves and gate valves. The bevel gear set of the series is highly durable, with high tolerances.

Diamond Gear Installation


Many people have developed their own techniques to mount bevel gears to various linear valves. However, Diamond Gear also provides instructions, which are a lot like recommendations for technicians to use their products. The instructions may understandably not suit a specific application. Technicians who are unsure about which method to use should contact Diamond Gear’s technical service right away.

Generally, Diamond Gear offers two slightly different bevel gear designs, as we’ve discussed above. Both the designs are meant for specific applications. So, the first step is to choose a gearbox that suits your application.

The most common method and one that’s recommended by Diamond Gear is called the “torque” application. The application is where the bevel gear works as part of the existing stem nut, which lowers and raises the valve step. The second method is referred to as the “thrust” application, where both the stem nut on the valve is removed, or it isn’t there in the first place. However, it will require that the gear be designed to withstand the thrust produced by the valve pushing up on the step or down to open or close it.

The important thing to keep in mind is that Diamond Bevel Gears don’t have an internal adjustment screw that allows for adjusting the closed or open position.


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