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Babbit Chainwheels

Babbitt Chainwheels happens to be one of the leading manufacturers of manually operated overhead valve actuators, aka chainwheels, in the world.

The brand’s selection of chain wheels with chain guides operate valves in normally out-of-reach locations economically. The chainwheels are attached to the handwheel of the valve, which then allows it to be closed and opened directly from the floor (making it easier to control high-pressure valves).

Babbit Chainwheels are designed to fit valve handwheels ranging from 2 inches on the low end all the way up to ones measuring 36 inches in diameter. If anything, these are some of the most versatile chainwheels available today with the standard chainwheel being the most economical model.

A Large Selection of Valve Chain wheels

We have a large stock of valve chain wheels on-site, which allows us to deliver shipments quickly to any location. In addition, we also have a team of experts that work with businesses to ensure that the items delivered fit their needs the best.

Our team can also cater to your specific requirements for a sprocket with stainless steel pin(s) or pocket style chain wheel. All you need is to provide us with the specifications for your use case, and we will make the changes before shipping the chain wheel with a gear operator stem (if needed) to you.

The Standard Chainwheel

Standard Chainwheels happen to be the most economical way of operating most valves is often out-of-reach locations. The chain wheels will easily attach to the handwheel, ranging from 2 inches to 36 inches.

The standard chain wheel is available in multiple materials, i.e., cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, and aluminum.

Each material offers its own set of use cases. We’ll go into a few everyday use cases for standard chain wheels in every type of metal available below:

Cast Iron – It is the most economical material for chain wheels, but it can’t operate in corrosive environments. In other words, it is perfectly suited for normal environments.

Ductile Iron – The metal is known for being shock resistant compared to cast iron, but it is needed for hammer blow style wheel, which requires shock resistance.

Aluminum – Aluminum is known for being lightweight and an excellent alternative to stainless steel or cast iron.

Bronze – It is highly resistant to corrosion even under stressful operating conditions, with a high amount of salinity, humidity, and water, which are known for being highly corrosive. That’s why it is best used for equipment that is exposed to corrosive elements. The Bronze iron chainwheels come with stainless steel attachments.

To ensure further corrosion resistance, all chain wheels and components are coated with epoxy and galvanized. In addition, most options come with stainless steel attachment sets.

The standard set of components with the standard chain wheel, includes the chainwheel, zinc plated carbon steel attachment set mainly used for clamping to the valve hand wheel, guide arm, and instructions.

Why Buy Babbit Chain wheel operators?


Babbitt Chainwheel operators are made from the highest grade cast iron rims and from ductile iron guide arms. Chainwheels by the brand are available in a solid hub design that’s best suited for a direct attachment to the valve stem or the gearbox stem.

All chainwheels come furnished with standard plated carbon steel or a set of 316 stainless steel attachments. The hammer blow units are designed and made from ductile iron, which works perfectly with high-pressure valves. Babbitt also recommends using hot-dipped galvanized spark-resistant brass and 304 stainless steel lock link chain.

Other reasons to choose Babbitt chain wheel operators include:

• Reliability

• Excellent customer service

• Flexibility

• Quick and easy shipping to any location

Have a question about chain wheel operators for your use case? Feel free to get in touch with us today.



  • Chain Bar
  • Standard Chainwheel
  • Solid Hub Chainwheel
  • Safety Wheels
  • Pocketwheel
  • Hammer-Blow


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